s02e07: Sippin with the Spooks

Here at The Beerhive, we're firm believers that spies are cool.

So, in what may be the most ridiculous podcasting coup in NZ history, we've managed to convince the heads of two of our most secretive organisations to come down and have a few beers at the pub with the microphones turned on - YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.

Well, you probably will because both Rebecca Kitteridge, director of the SIS, and Andrew Hampton, director of the GCSB, are keen for you to know (if there are any strange, blank gaps in the pod you know they got to the audio first).

While the two occasionally give media interviews it's likely this is their first together, and almost certainly their first at a pub. It's a fascinating conversation, with an absolutely shocking ending.

Tune in for:
* Spy jokes galore, from trench coats to Daniel Craig.
* Rebecca's code name (yes, she has one).
* Why Andrew keeps getting given hoodies.
* What their organisations are actually there for.
* How serious are threats such as terrorism and cyber warfare to NZ.
* Why the training is more Kingsmen than Red Sparrow.
* How they, and their staff, manage their personal lives when they can't talk about work.
* An absolutely shocking, gasp-inducing ending.

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