s02e04: Cutting it up with Dr P

Patrick Mace has seen a thing or two when it comes to beer.

The self-proclaimed 'Doctor of Beer' was one of the first employees of American brewery Lagunitas, joining the team in 1998.

Since then he has had a front seat as the company grew into one of the largest independent breweries in the country before selling to Heineken for a ridiculous amount of money. Now, a big part of his job is travelling the world and talking up the beer. Tough gig.

A great conversationalist, we talk about Lagunitas' long association with weed and the infamous drug bust that almost ended the brewery.

We also discuss plans for a new Lagunitas cannabis beer that's currently held up in legal red tape, how owner Tony Magee was inspired by a bird shit while high and why calling himself Dr P in New Zealand could get him into a bit of trouble....

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