s02e02: No brylcreem but plenty of socks

Who is Simon Bridges? Does he like beer and, more importantly, what kind? (hint: it's not anything with hibiscus flowers in it).

We're joined by the leader of the opposition at The Malthouse to discuss the big issues - what kind of beer would the National Party be, if it was a beer?

Who does he let use his personal office kitchen? What's better, being a Minister or being the boss of the biggest party in Parliament?

You can trust The Beerhive for real insights into our guests.

Bombshell revelations:

Outrageous wine comments - 4:42

Controversial parenting views - 9:10

We ask the questions Si & Gary won't - 16:35

Simon's hair tips - 18:50

On a more serious note, we also discuss his regret at voting to keep the drinking age at 20, whether building an export market for New Zealand beer is possible, if he will drive the Nats towards a more conservative style of politics and, crucially, how he plans to win the next election.

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