The Beerhive


Welcome to the beerhive...

The best conversations happen at the pub, right?

So when journalists Shane Cowlishaw and Michael Forbes decided to start a new podcast loosely based on their beer blog, it seemed like a pretty genius idea to record it at some of their favourite places to drink.

Since starting The Beerhive in 2013 on stuff.co.nz, the pair decided it was time to jump on the audio bandwagon. But with a plethora of podcasts about the intricacies of the beer industry already out there, the decision was made to broaden the horizons.

Recorded at the Fork & Brewer pub and The Malthouse in Wellington, New Zealand's capital city and seat of Government, guests include those who shape politics in this part of the world as well as those at the heart of the nation's most vibrant beer scene - and everyone in between.

What better way to hear their thoughts on life and solve all the world's problems than over a few cold beverages? There will be talk about beer, but the episodes will go where the conversation leads.

If you would like to talk about anything (want to sponsor the podcast?) get in touch via the details below.